Monday, June 3, 2013

Why Scrapbook Sketches?

Sketchy Mondays

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Hello Friends,

There are a few reasons why I started this blog. The main reason is to share with you my passion for scrapbooking. My other reasons include: to teach, to expose you to my favorite scrapbooking company (Close To My Heart), to expand my knowledge, and to help keep up with my scrapping.

This post falls under two categories. To teach you, and in turn, teach myself. I was searching pinterest looking for scrapbook sketches. This one pin caught my eye because it was hand drawn. I clicked it and it took me the following article. I was looking for something for you to use and wound up educating myself.

Why Sketches?
  • Sketches will aid in the creative process
  • They will speed up the process
  • One sketch can help create many layouts
Because of this article I will now sketch out all the layouts I complete, before and after. This will be a great asset to me when I am trying to complete a layout quickly. Also, I will post the sketch of my layout for you to use as well!

Please read the following article and comment below about what you learned. Are you going to start using sketches this way?