Sunday, April 8, 2012

Building my website…

People have been telling me for a while that I need to build a website for my jewelry. I have been avoiding it for many reasons, the main being all the work required. However, I have finally gotten to the place where I think it is necessary. This blog is about the process and my experiences.

I decided to create the website to serve multiple purposes. Besides the major reason, my jewelry shop, I am now a Close To My Heart Consultant and I want to share craft ideas and the events I will be hosting. The convergence of these two endeavors has made the idea of a website less daunting. The only reason it is possible: my husband! He is building the site for me, basically from scratch. I am really lucky I have such a supportive and intelligent hubby. Go Josh!

The site is live! However, I am still in the process of building the site.  I have the links I want and have started my blog. But, the big task is taking pictures of all the jewelry. First, I needed to build a light box and buy a bunch of desk lamps so that I can take pictures that will do justice to my jewelry. The website does me no good if the jewelry doesn’t photograph well. Still, the jewelry is prettier in person; you can see it sparkle in the light!!

Then, I have to take the picture, give each item an item number, a name, and a description. I need to adjust the pictures and send them to my husband who is building the site for me. Now we have pictures on the site and I am truly excited! It is a real thrill seeing my stuff out there!

Now I need to go make MORE jewelry…