Thursday, March 29, 2012

How To Make a Paper Rosette

You won't believe how easy it is to make a paper rosette! If you follow these few steps you will have a perfect rosette in no time. I decided to use rosettes on the banner I made for my son's first birthday. I used it to create some interest, dimension and color contrast for the letters. However, you can use rosettes for so many things. You can use them for scrapbooking, personal or home decor crafts, badges or ribbons for your child's sports team, and endless other possibilities. How will you use rosettes? Okay, now let's get started!

Products used:
Embossing stylus (or mechanical pencil),
Friskers trimmer
Piercing tool
Embroidery thread
Edging scissors
Chalk ink
Close To My Heart liquid glass or Close To My Heart glue stick.

A rosette: a rose-shaped arrangement of ribbon or other material, used as an ornament or badge. It is made with two accordion folded strips of paper sewn and glued together.

First, determine what diameter you want your rosette. I wanted mine to be 4”; therefore, I used two strips of paper that are 2” wide. I like the ratio of 1:5 for the number of folds it creates, but you can always determine how many folds you want by playing with the ratio. The longer the strip the more folds your rosette will have.

Cut two rectangles at 1”x 10”. Then use edging scissors to cut one of the long edges on both pieces. If you want to give it some more detail, use chalk ink to distress the edges. It will highlight the edging you did with the scissors. If you have the Cricut, you can always cut a border to create interesting shapes for your rosettes.
Next, place the strips in your trimmer and score it every ¼”using your embossing stylus. If you don’t have a stylus then you can use a mechanical pencil with the lead retracted. You won’t get the smoothest lines, but it works in a pinch.

Once you have everything scored, then accordion fold it and use the piercing tool to  pre-punch the holes for the needle and thread. Glue the two pieces together using either Close to My Heart liquid glass or the glue stick so you now have one long rectangle. Then, sew it and pull the ends together. Once you have it sewn and pulled tight, glue the last two ends together.

Now you have a rosette! Remember practice makes perfect.

Thanks for reading! I hope this tutorial helped. Please feel free to leave a comment.
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