Friday, June 28, 2013

Embellishments: 4 Tricks for Using Washi Tape


Washi Tape Tips

Hello Friends!
I am writing today to share some washi tape tricks. Washi tape is a thin, slightly translucent paper tape. It is great for embellishing cards and scrapbook pages. Here are a few ways I use washi tape:

1. Embellish your embellishments: I added washi tape to this wooden butterfly from CTMH. I used liquid glass to secure it. (Blogpost on Liquid Glass)
2. Create your own craft pins by using head pins with the ball tip. You can purchase head pins at beads stores or any craft store that selling beading supplies. I love the ball tip head pins over the flat heads for creating craft pins because they look more finished. Fold over some washi tape and cut into banner shape, pennant shape or leave squared off. I like to make a bunch while I am doing it and I don't cut the shapes until I am ready to use it. That way I can tailor it to my page.

3. Place strips of washi tape over cardstock, lining up any patterns. Then use decorative punches to cut shapes out of the washi cover cardstock.

4. Use colored or plain metal paper clips and fold some washi tape up creating a flag. Again you can cut them into various banner or pennant shapes.


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