Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Scrapbook Layout: Cereal Killer

Hello Friends!
I have to start my layout series with one of my favorite layouts ever! It's not because it is the prettiest, perfectly embellished or was some momentous occasion. It's because of the story and my creative nature! This is a layout from my son's baby book. Yes, it's completely uncoventional, but it makes his book special, just like him. He was 5 months old and this was his first time trying solid food, well... rice cereal. I had so many great photos that told the story without words. I wanted to show the story with the images. So I started at the top left and flowed around the page and onto the following page.

I used the arrows as page embellishments, but mostly to direct the view in the order of events. Once I had my plan of how I wanted to lay them out the title struck me! Since it was like a stop-motion movie the play on words "Cereal" vs "Serial" seemed appropiate. I had the perfect stamp set with a film strip and used that to create a border element. I limited the amount of added embellishments because I wanted the pictures to take center stage. Plus, it would have made it too busy.

I needed to work through the fact that our wall was red at the time and gave the Cereal Killer title a little more gore than I wanted for a baby book. So I created the embellishments to match the boppy seat he was sitting in. Also I added used white and black to create drama.
I hope you enjoyed this layout. My reason for sharing this one in particular is to encourage you to step out your comfort zone when designing our layouts. If I had a belief about what a baby book should include, or has always included then I would not have this gem!

What have you done lately where you stepped out of the box or your comfort zone? Please comment below and share your layouts on my Facebook Fan page:
The products I used and the Cricut cuts: 
-Art Philosophy Cartridge: Journaling block: <Rctngle8> 3", Layer <Rctngle8> 3"
-Making the Grade Cartridge: "Cereal Killer" letters at 1"
-Ribbons & Rosettes Cartridge: Brackets at 2 1/2"
-Going Places Cartridge: Arrows at 1 1/2"
-Take a Picture Stamp Set C1440
-Teal, Black, and White Cardstock
-Black journaling pen for the pen work on the arrows and journaling

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  1. Really clever, Emily. It's interesting to see your thinking process about the creative decisions you made. Fun how one idea spawns the next.