Monday, April 1, 2013

April Fool's Day...Scrap It?

Hello Friends!

Does anyone else hate April Fool's Day as much as I do? Do you love it? What's your reason for either?

For me, I tend to be really gullible. I will tell myself that today I can't trust anything I hear or see, but over and over again my trusting nature gets the better of me. The perfect example of this was a joke my parents played on me my freshman year of high school. I came home after school and told them I wouldn't believe a thing they told me until tomorrow morning. I thought this would scare them off, but I was wrong. Instead, they sat me down and told me that my Mom was being transferred to Japan next year and that everyday after school I would need to come home and take Japanese lessons. I would finish high school in Japan and have to leave all my friends behind. I burst out crying! I have never seen my mom keep such a straight face in her life...and I believed every word. She immediately started to apologize and tell me it was a joke. Its been almost 20 years since, and I hate April Fool's to this day! I know they were not being malicious in anyway!! They didn't even think it would work because of my earlier statement. What's the point to this story? Well it goes back to my title.

April Fool's Day...Scrap It? To me this can be taken in two ways. One option is just to scrap it as a holiday and just get rid of it altogether! I am gullible and unfortunately this holiday was made to take advantage of me! LOL. 

However, as a scrapbooker I take the other approach and look at this as an opportunity. Life is a collection of moments, memories, and relationships, the stuff of which we love to keep records. So I say to you...Scrap It! Make a page or pages dedicated to April Fool's Day, whether you love it or hate it. Make a page of all the pranks you have played. Make a page of all the pranks played on you. Tell a story, make a list, get creative with it!

What would I Scrap?
  • I told you the above story because it would be the perfect story to tell so my children and their children can learn more about me and my life.
  • My son's due date was April 3 and due to my hatred of April Fool's Day I was hoping with all the fibers of my being that he would not be born April 1st. Luckily he was born in March!! This would be a great little journal I could add to a page with a photo of me while pregnant.
So hopefully I have inspired you to get to work scrapping your April Fool's Day memories!

Please leave me a comment about one of your memories, a link to the page you created or anything else you want to comment about!!

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  1. I'm a grandmother now, so a lot of time has flowed under this bridge, but I remember an April Fools Day trick I played on my father. It was in the 1950s, and, on Friday nights, he liked to watch boxing on TV. As a kids, we hated that, of course. So on this particular April 1, which happened to be a Friday, we unplugged the TV set before he came home from work. He figured it out pretty quickly and we all had a good laugh. Dad doesn't appear in many family photos because he was always the photographer. I wish now I had more images of him to share with my children and grandchildren.

    1. That is a wonderful story and would be a great thing to scrap. It doesn't even require a picture to go with it. Thank you for the comment!